We Believe in a Whole-Body Holistic Approach to Treat Your Specific Needs

Atala Physical Therapy gets its name from the San Dieguito Native American language and means mountain or peak. It is a symbol not only for our tenacity to reach the top, but also of the heights we will go in order to serve our patients and ensure their highest potential.

Atala Physical Therapy is a private boutique physical therapy clinic. We use a combination of hands-on techniques to  treat you effectively, compliment your lifestyle, and design a program to fit your needs that is both simple and realistic.

Atala‚Äôs therapists are experts in explaining your injury and how your treatment will accelerate its recovery in an easy, comprehensible manner. Every treatment is provided by a therapist in a positive and motivating environment. Our success is measured in your satisfaction! We are passionate about getting you back doing what you love most!

The Atala Difference:

  • Excellent hands-on manual therapy combined with specific exercise therapy.
  • Treatment as an individual with the patient’s needs specifically addressed.
  • Motivations of our patients to succeed and to become involved with their treatment.
  • Education of our patients with respect to their diagnosis, treatment plan, and their responsibility in managing their condition.
  • Follow-through with every patient’s course of treatment.
  • Private treatments rooms
  • Semi private gym (no more than two patients)
  • You are supervised at all times to ensure proper exercise form, safety and maximize your results.

We Can Help You With…

Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Treatment of Chronic Overuse Injuries, Acute Injury Management of Sprains and Strains, Therapy after Immobilization and Cast Removal, and Pre-Operative/Post-Operative Therapy for Orthopedic Surgery.

Back & Neck Rehabilitation

Conservative treatment of Disk Injuries, Sciatica, Arthritic Pain, Muscle Strains, and Ligament Sprains using manual therapy techniques and specific therapeutic exercise.

Industrial Medicine / Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation Injuries Including Repetitive Use Injuries, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Lateral Epicondilitis, Back Strains and Sprains, Bicep Tendonitis, Rotator Cuff Injuries (shoulder injuries), Finger Pulley Injuries, Patellofemoral Pain (pain under knee cap).

Therapeutic Techniques

Manual Therapy

Comprised of injury or diagnosis specific soft tissue techniques, joint mobilization techniques, manual traction and positional techniques, manual stretching, and positional release techniques.

Exercise Therapy

In our gym that is tailored to your medical condition and your needs. Additionally we provide exercises that can be performed at home or at your fitness center.

Therapy Modalities

Including: Mechanical Spinal Traction, Ultrasound, Phonophoresis, Electrical Stimulation, Hot and Cold Therapies, and Iontophoresis.