At Atala Physical Therapy we use the “total body approach” paired with manual techniques to meet our patient’s functional goals. Not only do we assess and treat our clients’ current symptoms, but we also treat the underlying causes and compensations. From there, we develop a treatment plan that enables the client to ultimately be independent with their care and get back to doing whatever they love.

We treat each patient as a separate and unique case. Besides addressing the patient’s immediate symptoms and rehabilitating the injury at hand, we analyze their movement patterns to get to the underlying cause of the injury. We then work to correct those movement patterns and ultimately work to decrease the chance of the injury repeating. We also understand that complete recovery looks different for each individual patient, depending on the activities of their daily lives. With this understanding, we incorporate the patient’s lifestyle needs into their rehab, better preparing their joints, tissues and neuromuscular system for their real-life demands. We work to reduce your pain quickly, get you moving faster, and return you to your life sooner. We enjoy our jobs and we want you to enjoy and learn from your rehabilitation experience.

Beyond training athletes, Atala Physical Therapy also has tremendous experience working with individuals who simply want to improve their overall health and quality of life, through a combination of weight loss, healthy eating habits, and healthy exercise habits.  We have close relationships with several nutritionists and weight loss experts who work with us in helping our clients and clients reach their goals.

Orthopedic Physical Therapy

Most orthopedic injuries are caused by a repeated movement pattern that places continued stress on a tissue over a period of time. While there are single-incidence injuries, the majority of cases manifest over time as pain, inflammation, stiffness, weakness, and tissue damage.

At Atala, we work to reduce pain and swelling with proven traditional methods such as manual therapy, ice, and compression therapy. Relieving symptoms of pain & inflammation is only one step in our thorough treatment process. We work to restore joint mobility with manual mobilizations as well as therapeutic exercises, and we restore strength and stability with therapeutic exercise. We use current modality treatments such as ultrasound and electric stimulation to assist healing. We also use mechanical taping and kinesiotape when warranted.

Non-surgical Injury Rehabilitation

There are many injuries that do not require surgery and can be treated with physical therapy, such as tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, shoulder impingement, lower back pain, hip impingement, hip bursitis, patellofemoral pain syndrome and cervical radiculopathy. When you come to Atala for your initial evaluation, you will be given a complete working diagnosis and we will identify the faulty biomechanics surrounding the issue. The treatment plan created will incorporate strategies and techniques to correct the biomechanical faults and address the pain discomfort, and dysfunction you are having.

Pre and Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

We treat all orthopedic surgeries — total joint replacement, hip labrum repairs, knee ligament reconstructions, shoulder rotator cuff repairs, meniscus repairs, shoulder labrum repairs, AC joint reconstructions, elbow reconstructions, foot and ankle reconstructions and much more. We work closely with your surgeon to ensure the best possible outcomes and full return to function. Treatment often begins before the scheduled operation in order to pre-habilitate the injury. This ensures maximum range of motion and strength going into surgery in order to maximize outcomes after.

Sports Rehabilitation

When working with athletes of all ages and levels, we effectively apply our knowledge of evidence-based Physical Therapy practice, total body approved and manual techniques  to rehab the sports injury; and in the rehab process, we strive to prevent the occurrence of future injuries. We do not practice cookie cutter PT. We incorporate sport-specific movements into your therapeutic exercise to best prepare the neuromuscular system for return to sport. Our advantage in sports rehab lies in our experience. At Atala, we have treated athletes from all sports, at all levels, as well as weekend warriors, and age group athletes.

Performance Training & Injury Prevention

In addition to rehabbing an injury, the physical therapists and trainers at Atala Physical Therapy can help clients return to a previous level of athletic performance or to achieve higher levels of athletic performance with performance therapy.  We have considerable  experience working with high school, college, and athletes in helping them achieve their athletic goals.  We also have extensive experience working with weekend warriors and age group athletes who want to regain or improve power, speed, or quickness, or simply reduce their risk of injury.